Outdoor Table Tops - what are your options?

All outdoor contract furniture is designed and manufactured to offer unparalleled durability and stand the test of time in harsh weather conditions, for all round use. When it comes to choosing outdoor table tops, there are different materials available to choose from, each with their own properties, pros, and cons. Below we will explain the types of outdoor tops available and their properties to help assist you in choosing the right top for your project.


The common types of wood outdoor table tops that we supply are Teak, Iroko and Robinia.

Teak is a popular choice as it guarantees high performances in terms of durability, resistance to water and temperature fluctuations. It is very dense and contains natural oils that repel water making it a low maintenance material. Our teak tops are available with natural or base oil treatments with a flat edge.

Iroko wood is made from African timber and is widely used for its durability and high resistance to decay. It is a cost-effective solution to teak tops with a similar appearance in colour and the pattern of grain which darkens significantly over time and when oiled.

Robinia tops are harvested responsibly from managed forests and comply with all EU timber regulations as well as being FSC certified. They can be supplied in a weathered finish or oiled to give a warm glow and help preserve the timber.

Teak, Iroko and Robina tops feature slats with a small gap to allow water to drain. It is recommended to re-oil wood tops regularly.


Solid compact laminate tops are obtained by pressing a series of sheets impregnated with thermohardening resins. They are exceptionally tough and resistant to scratches, abrasions, chemicals, and heat, making them ideal for a wide range of outdoor contract applications.

Solid compact laminate tops are supplied with either a black or white core, available in different shapes, sizes, and edge profiles. They can be used as a cost-effective alternative to metal tops as there are a range of laminates available designed to look like marble, granite, concrete etc, offering a premium look at an affordable price.

It is recommended not to use black or dark colour laminates outdoor as the colour may fade over time.



Metal table tops are a practical and versatile solution for outdoor use as they are very durable and low maintenance.

Galvanized steel tops have a waterproof MDF core and polyester powder coated finish available in a range of different colours. The special outdoor coating makes the tops suitable for intensive use as well as weather resistant.

Stainless steel tops are made up of weatherproof marine grade stainless steel with a MDF core. They will not rust or weather if the correct maintenance and cleaning is carried out and therefore can be left outside all year round.

Metal tops are more expensive to other types of outdoor tops available and generally bulkier and heavier so not as easy to move around.



Stone shows a high performance across durability, aesthetics, abrasion, heat, stain and scratch resistance so can be used for outdoor table tops.

Granite and marble are two popular choices for outdoor table tops. Granites are over 2900 million years old and made up of volcanic magma, making them the most bombproof choice of natural stone. Granite is inert enough to resist general weathering, therefor suitable for outdoor usage.

Marble is metamorphic recrystallized limestone that can be supplied in an incredible array of colours and patterns, with no two slabs of marble the same making it extremely unique. Marble table tops are widely specified as they make outdoor spaces feel stylish and luxurious. It is advised to wipe any spillages on marble tops immediately and cover when not in use.

It is also important to consider the heaviness of stone table tops as they may not be as easy to transport/move around if spaces need rearranging often. For more information, please refer to our Stone Table Top blog.



Another important material to consider is Topalit®. Topalit® table tops are made of a highly condensed core material, offering many versatile properties including heat resistant, UV resistant, scratch resistant and easy care, making it a great contender for outdoor use. The Topalit® technology is formed out of one piece without any glued joints therefore avoiding any potential weak spots. The table tops are available in a range of sizes, shapes and finishes including wood, marble, and concrete effects.

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