Eco-friendly upholstery - Part 2

We work with leading global suppliers of high-quality contract fabrics who strive for design excellence and differentiation through technical innovation. As consumer demand for sustainable goods have risen, the upholstery sector has evolved, and more and more collections are being launched that help to reduce environmental impact of production.

Following on from our previous upholstery blog, we wanted to share some of our favourite new upholstery collections with eco-friendly properties.

Malone Fabrics - Evida

Evida is the most sustainable collection offered by Malone Fabrics. It is a high-quality first-generation nature base, with a surface that has a characteristic leather grain, available in 16 colours. Over 80% of the components used in Evida consist of natural and renewable raw materials. It provides a 'biological solution' and alternative for those who wish to avoid conventional synthetics due to the phthalates they contain.

Evida meets Okotex-Standard 100 and Medical Product Law DIN EN 10993-5+10 - standards which demonstrate that a 'natural solution' can also meet highest technological specifications.

Click here to view the Evida collection.

Vescom - Wlison, Avon, Norfolk and Harding

Vescom have designed, developed and produced their 1st recycled collection which includes 4 designs of cost-effective eco friendly upholstery fabrics for the contract market. The collections are made from post-consumer PET bottles, with their 100% recycled polyester FR yarn turning the problem of plastic waste into a solution. Bottles are collected locally before being separated by type and colour, processed and converted into flakes. This polymer is eventually extruded into yarn, which is then textured, yarn dyed and embedded with permanent flame retardant properties - meeting the highest performance specifications for the contract market and produced in Vescom's weaving mill.

Available in a diverse mix of colours, from subtle neutrals to bold brights, and from warm yellows to cool blues - 59 colours in total.

Click here to view the 4 collections.

ILIV - Kelso

Kelso is a new collection from ILIV, manufactured to high ethical standards and woven in a village on the border of Lancashire and Yorkshire. It is made from all-natural, wood fibres without the use of harmful chemicals. Other features include its high durability and acoustic absorbance properties. It is also available in 51 colour ranges.

ILIV are committed to minimising the impact of their business on the environment, from their energy consumption and carbon emissions to their waste management and recycling facilities.

Click here to view the Kelso collection.

We can't wait to hopefully have these new eco-friendly fabrics specified for our furniture models in upcoming projects!

Please get in touch for more information or to discuss upcoming projects via or +44 (0)20 8591 6770.