ReMake: new bespoke upholstery design

Panaz fabrics and wallcoverings have recently launched a new online platform called ReMake which offers a new outlook on the way bespoke fabrics are produced and supplied. We spoke with Romina from Panaz to find out more about ReMake and how it works.

What is ReMake?

ReMake by Panaz marks a turning point in bespoke fabric design. A UK first, ReMake is a full fabric customisation service, from concept to delivery, hosted entirely through Panaz’ unique online platform. By putting the ability to recolour and rework any Panaz print design directly into your hands, ReMake lets you realise your vision for the project you’re working on.

With an easy-to-use layout, ReMake allows you to express your creativity and truly make your design yours. Designing bespoke prints has never been easier, quicker or more fun and with options for sampling, you can be sure of your design before you send it to production. Any design can be endlessly transformed into any number of truly unique creations, all from a desktop, laptop or mobile device, whether working in the office, at home or on the move.

By giving you more independence and automating print requests, ReMake offers the most streamlined and user-friendly, custom fabric service ever available to the UK contract fabric sector and we are confident it will change the way we think about implementing bespoke fabrics.

How does it work?

ReMake is a platform that gives you access to a large variety of designs that you can re-touch in size and colour according to your needs. It opens countless opportunities for unique expression in all areas of fabric design, all while saving valuable work hours, typically spent liaising with fabric suppliers to create bespoke pieces. Once you’re happy with your creation, our wide range of Panaz basecloths means your design can be printed to suit whatever end use is required. You can request a free printed sample to be sent directly to you without any further action or cost needed.

Can I get fabrics printed in my branding colours?

Yes, with ReMake you can re-colour any design and using the colour chart provided you can achieve a perfect colour matching result.

Why type of fabrics can the designs be printed on?

Drapery including sheers and upholstery. Linen effect fabrics, velvets, waterproof fabrics and 100% recycled basecloth.

Can I see an example of a bespoke design I have created?

Yes, you can create your own mood boards, favourite colour palettes and access your creation anytime. As mentioned, you can also request a free printed sample to be sent directly to you to see your design in reality.

Please contact us for any additional information about ReMake or if you wish to discuss bespoke fabrics for a project you are working on.