Best of 2020!

2020 has been a strange time for us all. As it comes to the end of the year, we take time to reflect on some of our favourite products that have been new, popular, or featured trendy styles we loved. We asked the Protocol team to select a collection each, below are their choices.

1. Nod

Nod collection from Protocol Furniture

"This Scandinavian style seating collection offers a wide family of products. The detailed design incorporates solid wood that consciously exposes the structural details. It is extremely versatile and allows any combination of colours, materials and upholstered elements, suitable for a range of environments."

Chris Iron

2. Alina

"The Alina is super stylish, curvy and comfortable. It is a versatile seating collection which now includes a 2-seater sofa that is affordable without compromising style. It can fit into any lounge environment, large or small."

Kate Wickham

3. Wings

"I love the distinctive back shape of the side chair and high stools in this collection. The splayed arms are also beautifully shaped on the armchair and lounge chair, making this a unique range. The metal or wooden base options offers versatility, great for dining environments."

Sharon Bridgewater

4. Noodle

"The Noodle features a conical structure made up of vertical steel wires, offering a simple style. It can be used as a side table or a unique removable top to serve as a tray, which given the requirements now, could prove very useful for table service in hospitality environments."

Dawn Millward

5. Ribbon

"The Ribbon is a comprehensive range available in unlimited finishes, colours and upholstery for greater comfort. The design is inspired by the organic architecture of the nineteen fifties and could prove popular for hospitality environments as they say style/fashion repeats itself."

David Wright

6. Mou

"This collection of ottomans offers a casual approach to comfort. There are a range of sizes and finishes available as well as the option of an added side table. The Mou is ideal for offices, breakout areas, receptions and education establishments."

Lewis Walker-Dobson

7. Coco

"The Coco collection was launched this year and is first of its kind to foray into an outdoor range. The stylish metal structure complemented by the padded seat and backrest is upholstered in water-repellent fabric, perfect for all outdoor settings."

David Crux

8. Circuit

"The Circuit table collection features a sleek metal frame which would stand out in any environment. It's available in a range of sizes and two different heights, ideal for receptions, hotels and offices. It can be combined with a stylish marble top which has continued to be a trendy choice this year."

Ben Flowers

9. Essex

"The Essex collection has been extremely popular this year, with a lot of interest from designers I have worked with. It offers a high-end, luxurious feel with the design featuring perfectly handcrafted wood frame, combined with inviting upholstery."

Daniel Brett

10. Ibiza

"We have a sample of the lounge chair from this collection in our showroom and it is so unexpectedly comfortable and welcoming. It's made 100% from recycled fabrics from the Mediterranean Sea so it's great for outdoor environments that want to incorporate eco-friendliness to their design."

Demi Cassie

For more information on any of the above collections, please contact us via or +44(0) 20 8591 6770.