Antibacterial finishing from Montbel

With research concluding that viruses such as Covid-19 can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours, it has never been so important to make customers feel confident about the cleanliness of your venue and the measures you are taking to keep it virus free.

We have been working closely with Montbel, an Italian furniture manufacturer who have expanded into advanced technologies and are now offering a sanitising special coating which can be applied to their timber frames, metal frames and table tops. The special coating is a water borne disinfectant additive that contains sanitising micro particles. Certified by CATAS, it reduces up to 99.9% of bacterial contamination on finished surfaces and when applied, surfaces remain bacteria free for the entire product life. The special additive is added in the final coating of the finish. Once applied, surfaces will need to be cleaned with neutral detergents only. This coating offers a much better solution for all environments as standard sanitising solutions require constant re-applications to keep surfaces safe and are not as long lasting.

Montbel also work with upholstery suppliers such as Spradling and Hӧpke who can provide antibacterial fabrics. There are 2 types of treatments to these fabrics; Silver Ion Protection and Nano Coating. Silver Ion Protection offers a natural environmentally friendly bacteria-fighting defence to inhibit bacteria's proliferation whereas Nano Coating disrupts the cell membrane to interrupt the normal life process and destroy the cell.

As well as the recommended cleaning and hygiene standards, reducing surface contamination will have a direct impact for all hospitality, leisure, care, education and commercial environments, giving people the confidence to return to normality.

View the Montbel brochure to see which products the sanitising special coating can be applied to or contact us for more information on +44 (0)20 8591 6770 or email