Best of 2019!

As 2020 is fast approaching we take a moment to reflect on the year, drawing on favourite products that have been new, popular or featured trendy styles we loved. We asked our team to select a product each, below are their choices.

1. Foulard

"The Foulard collection stands out for me as a favourite product this year. The sleek metal design and shaped seat and backrest presents a luxurious ambiance to any environment"

Chris Iron


 2. Timeless

"I love the Timeless cantilever chair as it reminds me of my youth and desire for a chair similar to it. Its retro feel and inviting curves would make it a statement piece in any environment."

Dawn Millward

 3. Rose

"The Rose barstool has been one of my favourite products this year. It offers an elegant, high-end design and is available with a metal or wood frame, with various upholstery options including quilted, pleated and plain."

David Wright

4. Hyppo

"The Hyppo is one of my favourite ranges. The external wooden legs add detail to the design of the chair and highlights the padded upholstery seat which is super comfy! The curved backrest invites you to relax whilst having an element of isolation."

Sharon Bridgewater


5. Gren

"The Gren table base is a graceful alternative to the standard table bases we offer. Its unique design is inspired by a trees branches and looks great supporting marble table tops which have been popular this year."

Demi Cassie


6. Turi Turi

"The Turi Turi collection is always popular with my designers! It's available in a great range of colours and offers flexibility with the option of sizes available."

Gill Howe

7. Artu

"The Artu is a comfortable, versatile chair which looks extra special when finishes with stud details and brass feet. It has been extremely popular with designers this year, especially for dining and hotel projects."

Sanjita Patel

8. Buddy

"I like the voluptuous look of the Buddy collection, it's so inviting and comfortable. It also looks great with the contrasting yet stylish metal frame, especially in the antique brass finish."

Daniel Brett

9. Ginger

"The Ginger took me by surprise when it was specified for the Holiday Inn Stevenage project. It looked absolutely fabulous with the low tables and was exceptionally comfortable. I wasn't expecting to be 'wowd' by it.

Kate Wickham

10. Komodo

"The award winning Komodo modular system offers great flexibility and can be easily configured depending on the space available. It's offered at a great price point so it's very affordable yet high in quality."

David Crux

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