Self-levelling plastic glides

There's nothing worse than a wobbly chair when you are in a restaurant or dining environment.

Although our furniture is manufactured to the highest quality, there are extra measures to take to prevent wobbly chairs! An Italian manufacturer we work with includes self-levelling glides on specific collections to prevent this from happening. The glides contain a spring able to adjust to weight and different kinds of flooring to ensure maximum comfort.

The self-levelling plastic glides are curently only available with our Hippy and Croissant wooden collections of seating and have secretly sprung floor pads which are scarcely visible in regular use. These springs mean that when a user is seated, the chair or stool automatically levels, thereby eliminating unwanted wobble in regular contract use. This is especially useful on uneven floors.

For more information on the self-levelling glides, please contact us on +44 (0)20 8591 6770 or email